Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

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On the Importance of a Coexistent Ideology

NJ_DeerI hate to be the bearer of such depressing news, but I just read about a deer culling planned to take place in Eastern Long Island that struck me as representative of a core roadblock in our communal quest to live in harmony with the earth. The Long Island Farm Bureau and the United States Department of Agriculture have set a goal to eliminate two to three thousand deer from an estimated population of between 25,000-35,000. If this goes through, it would be one of the most deadly government deer removals in history. Continue reading

Walk to School Month!

walkingSo apparently, October is walk to school month in Washington. While the program seems to have been started for elementary schools, there’s no reason us college folk can’t take the idea to heart. There already seem to be a lot of walkers who live off campus at SPU (including one brilliant sustainability blogger), which makes sense, given our highly walkable community. If you’re driving to school, the odds are you live a significant distance away, but if you’re thinking of giving walking a shot, or if you already do and are finding it trying, there may be a few practices we can take up to make it easier on ourselves. Continue reading

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Little Libraries and Communal Sustainability

librariesI was recently walking through Queen Anne when I spotted something rather extraordinary in the front lawn of the house to my left. Standing atop a wooden post was a white box with a clear door that opened to a small selection of books, nestled tightly inside, waiting for the right person to come along and choose them. The writing on the box made it clear that an honest person could do just that, so long as they had another book on them that they were willing to part with. The exterior of the book-house read:

Little Free Library

Take a book, leave a book Continue reading