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Steelhead Breakout!

fronttest3No matter how you feel about fish hatcheries, this story of 25,000 steelhead being broken out of a hatchery east of Seattle is pretty interesting. The police are currently looking for whoever broke into the hatchery and released the fish, and details are little about the suspicion of a certain “disgruntled angler.” The Wild Fish Conservancy has called out the hatchery program for its harmful effect on the steelhead population, which has declined 97% in Puget Sound waters since 1895. The idea is that these hatcheries, with the way they concentrate populations, may contribute to overfishing. While this problem won’t necessarily be aided by the breakout, it’s interesting to consider the motive behind the operation. We’ve all had fantasies about breaking into the zoo and releasing the animals, but of course, in our urban environment, those animals probably wouldn’t get far. Here’s to hoping that this steelhead liberation contributes in some small way to the restoration of their presence in Pacific Northwest waters.

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Eating to Aid Concentration

blueberries-04We all know it’s healthier to eat three meals a day if possible, but college student schedules often mean skimping on at least one of those. Said skimping can sometimes lower our ability to concentrate, which makes a given set of tasks all the more challenging and time consuming, thereby increasing what original strain there was in the cycle to begin with. Fortunately, there are some foods out there that can help us along with our less than ideal eating schedule. If we try to sneak these foods into our diet, it’ll be a little easier to both maintain and participate in a busy day. The following three options include smart choices for a snack, a supplement, and a meal. Continue reading

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How Salmon Created Seattle


Good news everyone: it’s almost salmon season! And, even better, this summer a huge wave of  pink, or humpback, salmon is coming through the Puget Sound. This upcoming event got me thinking about salmon’s presence in our culture. Though this distinctive fish is nearing dangerously low levels today, it still continues to play an important role — one that it has kept for many, many years.

Salmon have played an important part in Seattle’s history since before recorded history. Fossil evidence shows that salmon have populated the waters of Washington State for over a million years. And, remarkably, they seem to have traveled in similar migration patterns to their contemporary descendants.

Salmon play significant roles in ancient mythologies from all around the world. Irish folklore tells of a Salmon of Wisdom who grants knowledge to those who eat him. Welsh mythology calls salmon the oldest and wisest animal in Britain; one carries two of King Arthur’s knights to rescue a child-prisoner. And Norse mythology tells of Loki transforming himself into a salmon to escape the other gods, until Thor catches him by the tail. Continue reading