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Seattle’s Growing Commitment to Cycling

counterSeattle’s cycling culture is getting more and more apparent, with the number of greenways, protected bike lanes, multi-use trails, signs directed at cyclists, and bike detectors at traffic signals rising. More bike counters are also being installed to monitor the city’s progress in this area. The growing network of greenways is hoped to help the city reach its goal of zero traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2030, all while making it easier to travel in a more environmentally and personally healthy way. Continue reading

Pretty Cool Thing: Seattle Greenways

wallDid you know about Seattle Neighborhood Greenways? These are streets on which pedestrians and bicyclists are given the priority, using an array of small alterations that make a big difference. Pavement markings alert drivers to be extra watchful. Clearer crossings with curb ramps make crossing the street safer and easier, larger lanes for bicyclists make biking in the city a less stressful experience, and frequent speed bumps reduce the speed of passing cars. Greenways have further pavement markings as well as signage geared towards those going places without a car, telling them what’s around the immediate area. Continue reading