Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

Happy Thanksgiving!

New-Girl-1x06-Thanksgiving-new-girl-26505860-1950-1300Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that grows on you as you get older. When you’re a kid, it’s a rather boring and anticlimactic holiday, merely the pretext of what’s to come in December. You start to appreciate it more when the prospect of gifts is no longer the most exciting thing in the world, when the event itself becomes what to look forward to. Whether the idea of a familial gathering makes you anxious or filled with joy, there’s something about the atmosphere of Thanksgiving that feels warm, renewing, and full of life. If you’re aiming to give thanks to the environment this year by having a more sustainable thanksgiving, here are a few things you can keep in mind whilst pilgrim-dancing and avoiding your creepy Uncle.

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Keeping the Scary in Costume: A Greener and Healthier (but still fun) Halloween

silly-pumpkin-carving-designSo yeah, I’m going to be that person today. The person who goes out of their way to promote healthier Halloween treats. I’m the lame house that all the trick-or-treaters avoid! Oh well. Now I can have compassion for that one person in my neighborhood who gave out fruit and capri suns. Not that I’m urging anyone to go that far (I mean-something nutritious? For Halloween? Monstrous, no?), but there are several viable substitutes to the traditional candies out there that contain loads of high fructose corn syrup, that unhealthy sweetener that makes its way into so many of the things we enjoy. Continue reading