Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

Eating as Ourselves

leslieDo you perform any rituals before you eat certain foods? This could be something as elaborate as a dance across the living room with socks on your hands pre-oatmeal, or something as simple as tapping your fork against the plate before digging into spaghetti. If you do practice such routine, you probably think of it as inconsequential, not something that directly affects the meal you’re about to eat, simply a personal quirk that feels right to you, for whatever reason. As it turns out, individual rituals performed before the act of eating have been shown to actually improve the taste of the food you’re about to consume.  Continue reading

There’s a Call From the Past, and You’ll Want to Accept

nostalgiaNostalgia is something we all encounter. Often, other times in our lives seem much more appealing than the present, even though if we think about it there were probably troubles back then, too, along with the good stuff. The recent post-graduate section of life can be particularly dominated by nostalgia. People leaving college, the academic goal since childhood, a definitive finish line of sorts, the joy of accomplishment long on the horizon, and entering a new stage of life, one without cram sessions and reading under trees and meeting people their own age around every corner. Continue reading