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Rocky Mountain Elk Herd Arrives in Washington

elkLate snowfall this year has delayed the usual feeding session of Rocky Mountain Elk, which is currently taking place in the L.T. Murray wildlife area located west of Ellensburg. The feeding program is usually scheduled for December, but the delayed nature of this year’s snowfall has pushed it all the way into March. Check out these awesome photos of the elk herd’s arrival, which will make you envious of wildlife photographers.

Getting Closer to Nature with Union Bay Watch

putLarry Hubbell’s blog Union Bay Watch might be enough to make anyone feel like an avid bird watcher, even from the seat of their computer chair. A quick scroll through his photography seems to be the virtual equivalent of an in-depth birding trip. The dedication Hubbell shows to chronicling the stories of local wildlife is quite astounding, tracking different birds in the union bay area as they go through the different stages of their life, recognizing them by name as he takes his photos. Continue reading