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Paddle Board Yoga

SUP_yogaTwo items I’ll be adding to my agenda: 1. Try paddle boarding. 2. Try paddle board yoga. A couple weeks ago I decided to give deep breathing a try. So far the results include lowered anxiety and an increased sense of awareness of the world around me. Essentially, it’s helped me to get out of my head, if only for a time. Continue reading

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The Deep Breathing Challenge

meditation+dogs+do+it+too_99a07b_3753826While the deep breathing challenge being taken on by several environmental bloggers officially started on September 1st, it sounds like something very worth getting in on in better-late-than-never fashion. Mediation or deep breathing has been hailed by its practitioners to assist in relaxation, happiness, and general clarity of mind, the effects similar to that of being in nature. Continue reading

Lazy Indoor Activities

5339_futurama_hd_wallpapers_fry1Well, my fellow SPU students, school is…..another month away? Of course it is. I would never write an article reminding you of the impending return of essays, textbooks, and increased obligations unless said return was at least 30 days away. Not to be a downer. There are plenty of awesome things about college. The stress is just rarely one of them. But there’s still plenty of time to fit in those lazy summer activities before school starts and your mind won’t let you do them anymore without constant reminders of what needs to be done. So in the spirit of being unproductive, I thought I’d go over some lazy indoor shenanigans that can keep you away from the car as well as any shred of responsibility. Continue reading