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Seattle Electric Company Aims to Set Up Offshore Wind Park

Windmills in a row on cloudy weatherSeattle’s Principle Power has recently acquired the go-ahead from the U.S. Department of the Interior to apply for a lease on 15 square miles of federal waters located outside Coos Bay, Oregon. The company plans to build the first wind turbine park in federal territory on the west coast, capturing the power of the strong winds that blow through the Pacific. Continue reading

SPU’s 2012 Green Feats

greenCongrats to SPU! Seattle City Light recently mailed the school a report of their environmental achievements for the year of 2012. Participating in the company’s green up program, SPU prevented the release of 63767 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, added 45400 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of clean energy to the power grid, and had an overall carbon-emissions impact similar to planting 741 tree seedlings. What would the ideal green celebration look like? Perhaps some organic chocolate cake eaten in a circle around a newly planted tree, followed by some dish washing in a nearby river. I’d say SPU deserves this kind of party.

CAP Part 3: Energy Infrastructure, Efficiency and Conservation

An important part of Seattle Pacific University’s climate action plan is its emphasis on energy infrastructure, efficiency, and conservation. Improving energy efficiency is one of the most cost-effective ways for SPU reduce its carbon footprint, making it an important focus for the University.

Much of the improvements in energy infrastructure include improved monitoring of energy use. This can be done through developing a more user-friendly system to track building energy use, installation of natural gas sub-meters at each building, and conducting energy audits every two years.

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CAP Part 2: Building Standards and Space Planning


SPU’s Science Building was the first building on campus to be
LEED Certified.

Last week’s post introduced Seattle Pacific University’s climate action plan. The plan lays out a strategy for the University to become climate neutral by 2036. Part of the climate action plan deals with the University’s building standards and space planning policies.

The climate action plan commits SPU to a high level of green building standards. This includes designing all new buildings to meet LEED Silver requirements.  In addition, certain LEED credits are identified as “SPU priority credits” to ensure new buildings are extremely energy efficient and powered, at least in part, by renewable energy.

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