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Bike-to-Work Testimonial by Prof. Erickson

thane-ericksonTo continue our examination of Bike to Work Month, Professor Thane Erickson has graciously shared his bicycling testimonial. Erickson is an Associate Professor of Psychology and the Director of Psychology Internships here at Seattle Pacific University. Besides his impressive academic background, Erickson has been a committed bike commuter ever since his first Bike-to-Work challenge in 2011. His time on two wheels has brought him some surprising insights.

Why I Bike-to-Work Continue reading

Bike-to-Work Profile: Patrick McDonald

patrick-mcdonaldA Professor of Philosophy at SPU, Dr. Patrick McDonald spent much of his adult life navigating the streets and hills of Seattle by bicycle.

McDonald recounted how he “wrecked” his father’s car at age 16, and got kicked off his parents’ automobile insurance nine months later. Unable to afford a car of his own, McDonald rode his bike to work all through his senior year of high school. He continued the habit during his college years at Seattle University, making it five consecutive years without driving.

Eleven years later, he still bikes almost every day. Continue reading

Bike-to-Work Profile: Lynette Bikos

lynette-bikosLynette Bikos, team captain of the SPU Psychlers, says that people recognize her by her biking gear, both around campus and on the streets. Though it may stand out to others, Bikos’ gear is just another part of her daily routine.

Bikos has been a recreational cyclist for more than 20 years. But after moving from the flat plains of Kansas to the rolling hills of Seattle, she noticed how different biking was here, and that many commuted by bicycle.

It took her a while to work up the courage to try it herself: “I just got brave one day and put my bike on the front of a bus,” she said. That one day of courage led to a year-round commute, adding more than 2,500 miles a year onto Bikos’ bike. Continue reading