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Four Cool Things About Finals Week

finalsThe days leading up to the end of finals will be unpleasant ones for many of us. They will be saturated with stress and a general feeling of impending doom, as if we were trying to get out of the way of falling meteors by studying. At times, we will feel like we are in the middle of one of those torture chamber mechanisms, with spikes on both walls slowly closing in. Staying positive may seem like an impossibility. But if that part of your brain that is in constant search of a light at the end of the tunnel shuts off, there are a few things you can think about in the effort to turn it back on. Continue reading

Eating to Combat Anxiety

liz-lemon-have-it-all-650x362The first week of a new quarter is notoriously stressful. It’s hit me like never before this winter (though it probably feels that way every time), and I expect that the majority of my fellow students are currently feeling like butter spread over too much bread (because the world needs more LOTR references). I’ve written about less concrete ways of dealing with anxiety before, but just like certain foods can help us to concentrate, certain foods can also help us in the fight against stress. Continue reading

Dealing with Fatigue

fatigueBeing a student makes it easy to think of fatigue as something that we can’t do much about (outside of a frequent coffee intake). With the hectic schedule that often comes with college life, fatigue is usually seen as a given, just another challenge that we have to do our best to work through. But upon closer examination, we may be able to do more about our fatigue than we think. Continue reading

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Happy Pursuit of Happiness Day!


“I wish, as well as everybody else, to be perfectly happy; but, like everybody else, it must be in my own way.” – Sense & Sensibility, Jane Austen

Happiness is the ultimate goal for many, but the definition of such a state varies with each individual. Your mental picture of perfect happiness is likely very different than your best friend’s. The pursuit of happiness, however, may be easier to pin down.

In honor of Thomas Jefferson’s birthday, April 13th was declared the national Pursuit of Happiness Day. April 13th also kicks off Sustainable Happiness Week, which ends on earth day, April 22nd.

This initiative is especially geared towards university students.
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