Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

Staying Green in the Face of Increased Obligations

iStock_000009013281XSmallThose involved with SPU will know what I’m referring to with “increased obligations.” School started today, on a date so late in September it began to seem like it wasn’t ever going to happen; as such, I found myself buying basic school supplies like pencils and a notebook twenty minutes before my first class. I might as well have had “PROCRASTINATOR” stamped on my forehead as I waited in line. As hard as it can be to remember the little things that make up a green lifestyle during the summer, it becomes even more difficult when we’re thrown into another level of busy, one that is always brought on by the arrival of textbooks, syllabi, essays, and classrooms to be in at certain times. Continue reading

The Perks of Accountability

High-five-time_gallery_primarySometimes personal motivation to do the little things just isn’t enough. It does a great job of getting you psyched up and jazzed about an idea, but that inner enthusiasm can fade, chipped away at by the practical limitations and strains of everyday life. It’s easier to give up when we’re on our own about something because we know that we’re only letting ourselves down. We can make up for it later, and nobody else will have to know we gave up. Continue reading