Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

Sustainability & Film: Prince Avalanche

large_Prince_Avalanche_1_PUBSDirector David Gordon Green’s Prince Avalanche is set against the backdrop of a 1988 Texas wildfire, charred woodland making for a haunting and enveloping atmosphere that acts as the perfect stage for a quiet and meditative study on the relationship between the film’s two main characters. Alvin (a mustached Paul Rudd) and Lance (Emile Hirsch, seemingly competing in a Jack Black lookalike contest) are a couple of mismatched road-workers, stuck with each other as the two of them paint new lines on a rural highway. Party-focused Lance tells the straight-laced Alvin that he gets lonely out in the wilderness, but Alvin stays behind when Lance heads to the city for the weekend, saying that he “reaps the rewards of solitude.” Continue reading

Texas Chemical Explosion

house-burns-explosion-west-texasThe chemical explosion at West Fertilizer Co. shook the ground and the community of West Texas last Wednesday, April 17th. At the time, however, it seemed like just another disaster smashed in the middle of Boston’s high-profile bombings and the subsequent manhunt. But that ares of Texas suffered much more damage than Boston. And although it’s not getting as much press as the marathon tragedy, helping the community of West Texas is just as important as aiding Boston right now.

Statistically, West Texas suffered a heavier toll than Boston last week. International Business Times reports that the Texas explosion killed 14 and injured over 200. Boston’s bomb killed 3 and injured 140. Continue reading