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Treading Lightly on the Earth

“She walks lightly upon the earth. She knows the truth: We’re as likely to hurt the universe as we are to help it” The Fault in Our Stars, John Green.

images (5)John Green’s newest book takes an intriguing stance on nobility. Like many authors, he explores what makes a hero. But while his contemporaries advocate for obtusely noble qualities like bravery and self-sacrifice, The Fault in Our Stars impresses the heroism of treading lightly upon the earth. 

This memorable statement can be read in many ways. Though the novel explores gentle living vision in mainly social terms, it’s environmental message isn’t too far of a stretch. Just by living, we interact and change our environment. And Green’s message of living gently for the least impact resonates with audiences, partially because he examples such living by two cancer-ridden teenagers. Continue reading