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Put a Bird On It!

ImageSpark your creativity (and save your cash) by buying clothes, cloth bags, and other items from secondhand shops and decorating them yourself.

Secondhand stores provide many unique and affordable finds, and luckily for us Seattle has many such places to shop. And the best way to enjoy them is to turn old old items into new craft projects. Secondhand places are also bursting with materials to convert back into their raw state for projects. No one will care if you buy a $5 quilt and cut it up for cloth!

For you knitters, recycle yarn by unraveling old or secondhand sweaters and remaking it anew.

Thrift stores also offer discounted books, kitchen supplies, CD’s, and fun accessories.

And remember to bring your own shopping bag; some thrift stores don’t offer bags or baskets to place your items in while you browse.

Share your top thrift store find in the comments.