Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

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Shopping Alternatives

sleeveA little while back I wrote about the plagues of consumerism and how to better navigate the temptations of holiday shopping. Valentines Day, marking another shop-heavy time of year, may be another time in which our inclination to buy new items rises higher than usual, whether or not those items are romantically charged. Amped up sales and ads target us from all angles, all of them promoting with the word new, new, new. But does new have to be included in the rush we feel when we shop? I find that I get just as psyched, if not more so, when I discover something through an alternate, second-hand route. After all, isn’t a second-hand item still just as new to you and your life as that shirt hanging in the department store? Continue reading

Sustainable Clothing Consumption

tumblr_kvsgcxrgZH1qzi3edo1_500How often do you buy new clothes? How do you handle discarding the old? As it turns out, the answers to these two questions have a sizable environmental impact. Donating clothes to thrift stores always feels good, leaving you with the thought of your obsolete garments having a future on someone else. What I didn’t know was that only about 20% of donated clothing gets purchased, with the other 80% having a less sustainable fate. Continue reading