Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese

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Eating local: Buying to Support your Community

farm-tour-front-webWe’ve all heard about the benefits of eating organic, “green” food, but less people realize the importance of eating locally-produced fare. Economically and environmentally, supporting local businesses remains important.

Buying from neighboring companies not only reduces pollution outputs, but it also strengthens the merchants in your area. And with farmland rapidly disappearing all across America, the importance of supporting small farmers, growers, and artisans has never been greater.

Although consuming enough fresh food often poses a challenge for students, a lot of wholesome local food is within easy access in the SPU campus and its surrounding boroughs. One of the benefits of living in the Seattle is this abundance of great places to buy locally-grown produce year-round, and I encourage students to take advantage of it.