Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese


8x10_EagleApparently, December and January are the times to spot bald eagles in the Northwest. In the winter, many eagles migrate to the relatively tepid waters of Oregon, Washington, and southern B.C., and can be seen congregating more than usual since it’s neither mating nor hatching season, and many of them can be seen at once if a birdwatcher gets lucky. One location to scout is the Skagit River, with other possibilities being more remote but perfect for a winter break road trip. Continue reading

Washington and Genetically Engineered Food

gm_foodWell Seattleites, our state seems to be at the focal point of the debate over genetically engineered food. If voters approve initiative 522, Washington will be the first state in the country to start labeling foods containing genetically engineered ingredients. While most scientists agree that GE food products are safe to eat, and the environmental effects of it seem to be a mixed bag, proponents of the initiative base their argument mainly on our right to know what we’re eating, a stance that I would agree with. Continue reading