Sustainability is about ecology, economy and equity.- Ralph Bicknese


Showers and Water Conservation

showerI’ll be the first to admit it. I like my showers long. There’s something about being in an isolated space under the constant reassurance of soothing hot water that lets you relax on a level rarely possible elsewhere. Unfortunately, long hot showers aren’t the best activities when practicing sustainability. For those like me with a special fondness for lengthy showers, cutting down bathing time can be difficult. My first reaction to this instrument of torture  shower-timer I discovered online was unease; it cuts off the water automatically after a certain time. The thought of being suddenly stuck without water with shampoo in your hair is quite unpleasant. It’s even programmed so that you can’t turn the water back on immediately. Just cruel. Fortunately there are less extreme options as far as shower-timers go, but these, of course, require more self-discipline. Can we do it? I say we stick it to the shower timers out there that don’t think we can. We don’t need them to turn the water off for us. We have hands and we’re capable of twisting a shower nozzle. Continue reading