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Planting Flowers this Spring

spring_flowers-tulipsIf you’re looking to add color to your home or garden in the form of flowers, there are several great plant options that will give you those same beautiful petals to stare at year after year. Spring is a good time to plant because the heat hasn’t fully kicked in yet, but it’s getting there, so you may want to work with haste. Below are a number of plants you can check out if flowers are what you desire.


And you thought this was just the name of that obscure brand of feline breath fresheners. In fact, the catmint plant produces blue flowers over green hedges, which bloom in late spring and early summer.


The flowers on this plant bloom in varieties of purple, yellow, and orange, a striking and rarely-seen combination.


Another interesting color combination, the coneflower plant blooms in a pink-purple hue that spreads out from a center of bronze.


Perhaps my favorite on the list, these relatively small but distinctly beautiful blue flowers have a fairy-tale-like vibrancy to them.


If you’re looking for something particularly ethereal, the white flowers that bloom delicately off the thin spikes of the gaura plant are the perfect fix.

Moonshine Yarrow

These guys are cool because the petals are so tiny and close together they almost look like a completely unified yellow surface. They bloom all over the place.


The attraction to the penstemon plant can be seen in the vibrancy of their purple and red shades, which bloom up from the middle to the top of the plant.

Pineapple Sage

Not only does this plant come with particularly sharp red petals, it also smells like pineapple, to assist you in your attempts to fantasy-travel Hawaii in your backyard.

Sea Holly

The silvery-blue color of these flowers is uniquely beautiful and gives off a distinctly underwater vibe.

Are you doing any planting this Spring?

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